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Dry Lining and Cladding


Why let the condition of your existing internal structural walls spoil the appearance of your office? Richaire can produce the ideal finish to enhance your refurbishment project. Even the worst old masonry walls can be made to look good with pipes and columns concealed. Dry Lining is quick and easy to install and avoids the mess and time associated with wet plaster finishes.


Our lightweight, non-loadbearing, dry internal wall lining system is erected independently of the external wall and is consequently suitable for all types of building. It is based on a metal frame that is covered with plasterboard. To increase thermal or sound insulation the cavity between the plasterboard and the existing wall may include Rock Wool slab insulation.


The joints between the plasterboards may be metal trims or if a smooth finish is required, tape jointed. The plasterboards are usually finished by painting or with a vinyl wall covering but will accept other finishes such as ceramic tiles.